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Our Products

Pre-packed wholefoods

Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cereal flakes, beans, lentils, grains and flours. These are mainly supplied by Infinity Foods of Brighton, who provide excellent quality at very reasonable prices. Almost all our pre-packaged foods are organic.


General grocery

Non dairy milks, sweeteners, pastas,herbal teas, a wide range of cold drinks, chocolate, culinary herbs and spices, breakfast cereals, fruit juices, ready meals, culinary oils, teas and biscuits.

In addition to the usual health shop fare we also stock many less widely available products, such as cherry juice, lime juice, wasabi paste, ginger syrup, pomegranate molasses, vegan suet and many more. If you can’t see something on the shelves, just ask!

Gluten Free foods

Pastas, crackers, biscuits, ready meals and a wide range of flours.

This is a growing area for Roots so if you can't find what you are looking for please let us know.


Yogurts, meat and fish substitutes, as well as a wide range of tofu and non dairy cheese. Apart from butter, eggs and Lye Cross cheese, all our chilled products are vegan.



Clive's Pies. Frys and Tivall meat substitutes, Zen Zen and Food Heaven ice cream, Amy's ready meals and many other products

Almost all our freezer goods are vegan.



Maca, cacao, spirulina, moringa and wheatgrass are just some of the superfoods we stock. Most are available as powders ot capsules.

We also have goji berries, cacao nibs and a range of vegan protein powders.


Fresh food

Organic bread from Pauls of Melton Mowbray. The range includes rye, spelt and white as well as wholemeal. most are available in yeasted and sourdough forms

Forest Foods and Sakar wraps and pies. Sakar also supply sugar free scones and fruit crumbles.

Organic eggs and bean sprouts are delivered to us weekly.



Viridian is our main supplement range as we think they provide the ideal mix of quality and value. Optibac is our preferred probiotic range as they combine excellent quality backed by impressive scientific research. We also stock Solgar, Natures Aid and Bioforce.

We avoid cheap supplements as they really don’t represent good value for money. Our guiding principle is “If we wouldn’t give it to a family member, we won’t stock it”.



We stock the full range of Bach flower remedies and a wide range of Weleda homeopathic and first aid products. Other products include collodial silver, charcoal tablets, hopi ear candles, spatone and floradix.

Our dispensery has over 800 products.


Weleda is our main range: rose, almond, pomegranate, iris and mallow. We also have wide ranges of Jasons, Faith in Nature, Kingfisher, Urtekram, Pitrok and Dr Bonner.

We have the full range of Herbatint semi permanent hair colourings and a range of henna.

 Organic cotton wool is also available.

Baby and child

Weleda is our main babycare range. We are have a good range of infant supplements, many in powder or liquid form.

Household products

Ethical cleaning products by Bio D and Ecover. We also have beeswax blocks,fair trade rubber gloves and a rainbow display of vegan candles.

"For anyone close to Sherwood in Nottingham's North side this health food shop is well worth a visit." - Stevie